Welcome to Kates Kennel

Kate's Kennels is located in Northwest Indiana in the town of Valparaiso. Here at the kennel we are about producing the perfect foot hunting dog with also the ability to trial as well! Our dogs here are primarily influenced by the Elhew bloodlines that Mr. Bob Wehle tried to perfect! We have dogs that are from Superior Pointers and other important Elhew breeders. We feel that we have the correct recipe for success to produce the ultimate hunting or trial dog! Our dogs bloodlines consist of all the great Elhew dogs that made this bloodline what it is today! Genetics are very important in our dogs but what we feed our dogs, is what makes them the finely tuned machines they are. We have recently changed to Inukshuk Dog Food. Feel free to take a look at the website and I hope you enjoy! If any questions, feel free to call or send an email! Thanks for your time!

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